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Customer Testimonials

I have been using Pink Flamingo Co's healing balm for several weeks. I have severe Arthritis & have had great results especially for the mild to moderate joint pain. It works in five minutes and lasts longer than anti inflammatory gels. It has a pleasant aroma and is moisturising on the skin. I will choose it every time!

Michelle, 68 - Pain Relief Balm

This product helped to relieve my stiff neck in like minutes, even better knowing that it's purely organic. Thank you!

Asim, 42 - Pain Relief Balm

Being a gardener and using secateurs for days on end, I developed severe pain in my wrist and lower arm. A friend suggested I use Pain Relief Balm and massaging the pain effected areas. That night I woke to only mild pain in my wrist but by 11 o'clock that morning the pain had gone to my astonishment. Should be called magic balm cream. Thanks Pink Flamingo co I have never written a testimonial, but this product is incredible!

Robert, 62 - Pain Relief Balm

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

After using this balm for a few weeks now I have found it excellent. It has helped my arthritis pain so much. I am very pleased and will continue to use.

Janis - Pain Relief Balm